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Built-in commands

Glossary comes with 5 built-in commands to help you manage your Glossary knowledge base right from within Slack. You can add, remove and see all your Glossary terms using these commands. Continue reading to learn more.

Built-in commands in Glossary

Add custom acronyms in Slack

To add a new acronym in Slack, use the `/glossary-add` command. This command will open a dialog box to input the Glossary term and it's meaning. The newly added term becomes available immediately.

Add custom acronym with Glossary

View your acronyms

To see the list of all acronyms, use the `/glossary-show` command. This command will list all acronyms with their definition along with a Delete button to delete the term.

View all acronyms with Glossary

Ask to define acronyms

To ask about an acronym explanation, use the `/glossary-explain <term>` command. This command will reply with an explanation message that only you can see.

Explain an acronym with Glossary

Settings in Slack

You can manage the Glossary settings right from Slack. Just open the Glossary app home and update the settings as you wish.

Add custom acronym with Glossary

Bulk import acronyms

You can bulk upload Glossary terms by clicking and using the Bulk import feature on the Glossary dashboard.

Add custom acronym in Slack

Toggle automatic replies

Glossary strives for frictionless communication, but sometimes you just want to chat without Glossary explaining every bit of information. You can use the `/glossary-toggle`command to toggle the automatic reply behavior.

Toggle auto replies with Glossary

Watch a quick overview to see how it works:

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